This game was meant as a part of the GMTK game Jam 2020. But no I`am 1 min behind the time so I can`t upload it there.

In this Game, you play a Space Ship.
You have to kill all the enemies to progress to the next Level.

So ist sounds normal, right?

There is a clue. After every Level either your controlls or your Abillitis change.
Try to complete as much Leves as possible before dying.

PS: Start Controll: Move with WASD and shoot with left Mouse Button

PPS: If Unity would have Build my Game without Errors, i could have participated. Until now, i still don't have a playable windows Edition. Only a WebGL one, where I don't kno how to upload it correctly.

Made withUnity
TagsSpace, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Dance pad

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